When you want a great time for you and your family, you may want to consider AutMus Fest. It is a concert, a carnival, a craft show, and more. The best part about it is; it happens at one location and there is something for everyone. It is also affordably priced for everyone who wants to attend so that you can have fun at AutMus Fest.

There Are Things to See

As you walk around, you will see rides to enjoy and a lot of crafts available for purchase. The rides are discounted if you choose to attend the concert. There is a lot of parking available on the campus and entry into the carnival is free. Before the concert, there are wrestling matches, games, face painting, and a variety of other things for you to enjoy seeing. This also ensures that there is something for all age groups to enjoy, from the smallest child to our senior citizens who want to attend.

The Things You Can Do

All of the rides that are at AutMus Fest are discounted with your purchase of a ticket to the concert. There are a lot of smaller rides there. These too are designed to help you kill boredom as you wait on the concert to start.

The Big Event

We know that most people attend this event because they want to watch the diverse group of artists perform. For this reason, we have to point out that it is the most fun you will have on the US-Mexico border. Are you marking your calendar so that you can attend it?