After nearly 15 years, AutMus Fest is still one of the most popular concert events around. It is always getting bigger as more performers show up and more people attend. However, none of it would be possible if the sponsors for it were not available.

Why Sponsors are Necessary

AutMus Fest is a concert that goes above and beyond. Ticket are kept at affordable prices and a portion of all proceeds earned are given back to the community in the form of scholarships for those who want to attend TAMIU. With all proceeded divided up the way that they are; sponsors are a requirement for continued success.

Take Part in Helping the Community

Whether you are a family or a business, you can take part in helping students achieve their goals at TAMIU. As a business, you can sponsor AutMus to ensure that it continues to grow each and every year. As a family, you can purchase tickets to show your support of the effort that it takes to host this annual event. Either way, you will be taking an active role in making great things happen for the students who want to do more with their life and you get the added benefit of experiencing live music and a lot of fun. Are you ready to help out?