Each autumn in Laredo, you will discover that there are exciting things to do. The biggest and best of which is AutMus Fest. It is a carnival, it is a music festival, and it enables you to give back to the community and those who need it the most. It is great family fun and something you will spend the next year proud you attended.

Good Family Fun

This is more than a concert. It is an evening of fun for everyone in attendance. There are things to do, things to see, and plenty of people to meet since there are usually 10,000 or more people in attendance. After you have walked around and seen all that you can; the concert will kick into high gear and the true party will begin. There are local performers and professional artists who will take to the stage. Their music styles are very diverse and you will never know what may be coming up next. Kids are free with a paying adult and it is a safe environment for you to have a great time in.

Giving Back to the Community

AutMus is designed to be a good time for all, but there is also another side of the event. A portion of all money earned from ticket sales will help someone get a scholarship that may not have been available to them in the past. This should not come as a surprise since it is all hosted on a campus, but many people do not realize that they are helping others by going out to have a good time. Therefore, we encourage all who can attend to do so. Who knows; perhaps one day it will also benefit your family.

Are you ready to purchase your tickets? Tickets are available in advance from a lot of retailers around Laredo.