Courteous Camping Considerations

big campsiteHave you ever been camping out in a campground where people were partying all night long, without inviting you? It is a little different at AutMus since everyone is there to enjoy a huge party, but still, there are people who do not want noise all night while they are trying to rest up for the day ahead. There are also other times when putting other camper’s needs first can go a long way when you are camping with a group. Do you know how to be a courteous camper? If not, perhaps it is time you think about these courteous camping considerations, especially during the nighttime hours.

Daytime Courteousness

camping groupsDuring the day, you shouldn’t have to worry a lot about being courteous, but it is always a good idea to be polite to the people who are nearby. This includes drinking slowly so that you do not end up being an annoying drunk person. It may also include offering sunscreen to someone if you see that they are getting a sunburn, offering to help pitch a tent for someone who is trying to tackle it alone, and preventing a child from wandering off if you know they aren’t supposed to. You should do things for your camping neighbors that you would want for them to do for you if you needed the help. If you have a generator and they do not, you may even consider giving them the ability to charge up their smart phone. There are a lot of things you can do to help make AutMus and other camping trips more enjoyable, just by being polite.

Nighttime Friendliness

courteous campingAt night, after the music has died down and people are hoping to catch a nap, you should also put their needs first. Most people cannot sleep if there is a lot of noise around them. Therefore, you should turn your radio down, avoid yelling or laughing loudly, and make sure that your generator has passed the noise test. You should also do what you can to put a little space between your tent and others to allow for some privacy. None of these things cost you a fortune and prove that you are considerate of the people nearby. By doing these things, your camp out neighbors will be happy that they are beside you and there is a good chance that when the sun comes up, they will strive to be nice and helpful to you instead of cranky because you kept them up all night.

Simply Think About Others

AutMus and other music concerts are designed to be fun for everyone who wants to attend. The best way to make this happen is to be a friend to those that you do not know and may never see again. You can be a great neighbor in the campground and still have a great time. In fact, you may even find yourself having a better time because you will be surrounded by people who appreciate meeting you. In return, perhaps they will strive to be more helpful and courteous to you and others who are nearby. It may trigger a chain of politeness and make this AutMus the best one yet. Would that be such a bad thing?

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