Spotting Scope for The Cheap Seats

cheap seatsWho doesn’t love going to see a concert or some other big stadium show? It is exciting. The live music, the excitement of the crowd around you, and more, all combine to ensure that you get amped up almost as much as the people on stage. However, what happens if your favorite musician is performing live and in your area, but money is tight? Some people opt to settle for a cheap seat rather than an up close and personal view of the stage. In this situation, you may want to ensure that you have a spotting scope for the cheap seats.

The View from the Top

binocularsSome stadiums have seating that goes up into the sky by several different levels and each level may contain several rows of seating. This is great if you want to save money, considering that the closer you sit the more expensive it can be. There are some people who get optimal spots for several hundred dollars per person. It can save money to go higher, but the view is often a little lackluster. You may see the lights, you may hear the music, but the view of your favorite artist may be a little speck on a stage or seen only on the Jumbotron. Who wants that? Therefore, many people who have to settle for a hundred-dollar seat bring along binoculars or some other way to get a better view from the cheap seats.

Best Cheap Seat Viewing Options

monocularBinoculars are always a great option for a concert whether it is in a stadium or outdoors. They make it possible for you to see over long distances with ease, but they are not the only option that you have. This is great news since sometimes binoculars are a little bulky for some people. They may not close tight enough to enable you to see clearly the area that you want to see. You may also choose to use a spotting scope, but again they may be a little bulky in a crowded stadium. The smallest option is a monocular, which works the same as both binoculars and spotting scopes, but without the bulk. You can even put some of them inside of your pocket. We have found the best monocular on this site to give you an idea of what you can do with one and how they can be most beneficial at a concert.

Enjoying the Excitement

When you end up in the cheap seats of a sporting event, concert, or even a child’s school play; you may miss out on some of the excitement of being so far away. Monoculars, binoculars, and other things are ideal for putting you a little closer to the action down below. You simply have to decide which one is going to be ideal for you and the event that you are going to enjoy watching. If you choose wisely, you will end up enjoying all the excitement of the show and never feel as though you are sitting in the seats that don’t give you bragging rights.

Carrying the Toddlers to Concerts

toddler at concertParents today do not usually feel as though they have to miss out on fun times because they have small children. It isn’t like years ago when having an infant or a toddler meant staying home to watch over kids. Parents now take kids along on outings. They take them to zoos and parks at a very young age. This also means that many parents are carrying the toddlers to concerts, especially those that are in the great outdoors where the noise will not be overly loud on young ears.

The Trouble with Concerts

running toddlerMost concerts mean that there will be a crowd of people moving around you at all times. With a toddler, this can seem a bit daunting. It can be downright scary if you happen to have a toddler who seems to go everywhere at once. There is also another issue with crowds, and that is the fact that often; you will end up walking for what seems like miles to get to the concert venue. It may be a challenge, but taking your toddler along on this type of adventure will actually help them if you know all the tricks on how to keep them happy while in the crowd.

Making Life Easier

toddlersAs a parent of a toddler, you are always going to be looking for ways to make life easier for yourself and your toddler. Attending parks, zoos, and concerts can make it all a lot harder than you may feel you can deal with, especially if you arrive and discover that your little one is having a bad day that day. Perhaps they want to wander more than usual, or they didn’t get enough of their nap and now they are cranky and bratty. You will need ways to keep them entertained and comfortable when out on an adventure. You will also need an easy way to keep control of them before they can venture off too far from you. All of these things can be a full-time job when you are dealing with the curiosity of a two-year-old.

Fun Things to Try

Taking your toddler’s favorite toy, a picture book, and snacks will be helpful when you are hoping to keep them entertained. When at an outdoor concert where you may be sitting, take their favorite blanket so that they have a special place to play. Encourage them to watch other people walk around. For the walk, you shouldn’t expect your toddler to want to walk a mile. Their little legs will get tired faster than yours. To help you overcome that issue, you can take a look at a variety of toddler carriers online here. Carriers are a parent’s best friend when it comes to outings, whether it is a short walk through the grocery store or a much longer walk through the park. There are a lot of styles available and most are versatile enough to be worn by mom and dad both. These carriers can also help you if your toddler becomes sleepy or overwhelmed by all that is going on around them. They will relax easier because you are holding them close and you will not end up with a backache for your efforts.

Outdoor Concert Packing Must Have Items

big concertsThere are a lot of outdoor concerts that last throughout a weekend. If not the actual concert, then it is often people setting up for the big event. This is why most people who want to be a part of these big events often do so by bringing along their RV. They make it a weekend event so that they can enjoy it to the fullest. However, there are a few things that are considered outdoor concert packing must have items and you need to make sure you take them along with you when you go.

Getting Your Plans in Order

flooded concertsTickets are the first priority for anyone who wants to get into a big outdoor concert. Above and beyond that, you will want to clear your weekend of all other plans and get your suitcases packed up. In most cases, you will want to pack your favorite clothes, but you should make sure they are appropriate for the weather. Some areas of the world are prone to rainy days. You should prepare yourself and the wardrobe accordingly if you plan to attend in one of those areas.

Preparing the RV

outdoor concertsYour RV will be the next thing you should prepare. Not only will you want to have it gassed up and ready to roll, but you will want to have a few essential items inside before you depart. For instance, a generator should be available to ensure that you have power. You will want the hygiene products that you depend on. In the event that the concert happens to fall on a hot summer day, you will also want to prepare for the sun. Having bottled water on hand, sunblock, insect repellents, and other summer things will help you to beat the heat. However, because the weather is unpredictable, you may want to pack a little for both rain and sunny weather days. You could even pack an outdoor towel rack for drying out your towels after a shower. This will also give you a place to put damp clothes after it rains or after you take a trip to the nearby lake. As another way to protect yourself from the rain, you may want to take along sandwich bags for your smart phone. Taking plenty of food, your favorite beverages, and a pair of earplugs to ensure that other people’s generators will not interrupt your sleep, will further ensure that you are comfortable and able to have a great time on your weekend out.

Have a Great Time

One you have all the flashlights, food items, charcoal, and other necessities it will be time for you to party hard throughout the weekend. Your time to have a great time will be here. You will have planned ahead and taken care of all the tough stuff. You can relax. You can chill out and make new friends. The possibilities are endless. You can have a lot of fun with the people who matter listening to music that rocks you to your soul.

Courteous Camping Considerations

big campsiteHave you ever been camping out in a campground where people were partying all night long, without inviting you? It is a little different at AutMus since everyone is there to enjoy a huge party, but still, there are people who do not want noise all night while they are trying to rest up for the day ahead. There are also other times when putting other camper’s needs first can go a long way when you are camping with a group. Do you know how to be a courteous camper? If not, perhaps it is time you think about these courteous camping considerations, especially during the nighttime hours.

Daytime Courteousness

camping groupsDuring the day, you shouldn’t have to worry a lot about being courteous, but it is always a good idea to be polite to the people who are nearby. This includes drinking slowly so that you do not end up being an annoying drunk person. It may also include offering sunscreen to someone if you see that they are getting a sunburn, offering to help pitch a tent for someone who is trying to tackle it alone, and preventing a child from wandering off if you know they aren’t supposed to. You should do things for your camping neighbors that you would want for them to do for you if you needed the help. If you have a generator and they do not, you may even consider giving them the ability to charge up their smart phone. There are a lot of things you can do to help make AutMus and other camping trips more enjoyable, just by being polite.

Nighttime Friendliness

courteous campingAt night, after the music has died down and people are hoping to catch a nap, you should also put their needs first. Most people cannot sleep if there is a lot of noise around them. Therefore, you should turn your radio down, avoid yelling or laughing loudly, and make sure that your generator has passed the noise test. You should also do what you can to put a little space between your tent and others to allow for some privacy. None of these things cost you a fortune and prove that you are considerate of the people nearby. By doing these things, your camp out neighbors will be happy that they are beside you and there is a good chance that when the sun comes up, they will strive to be nice and helpful to you instead of cranky because you kept them up all night.

Simply Think About Others

AutMus and other music concerts are designed to be fun for everyone who wants to attend. The best way to make this happen is to be a friend to those that you do not know and may never see again. You can be a great neighbor in the campground and still have a great time. In fact, you may even find yourself having a better time because you will be surrounded by people who appreciate meeting you. In return, perhaps they will strive to be more helpful and courteous to you and others who are nearby. It may trigger a chain of politeness and make this AutMus the best one yet. Would that be such a bad thing?

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Make the Most Out of Weekend Concerts

outdoor concertIf you are expecting to attend AutMus Fest or some other type of weekend long event; you already know that planning ahead for it is very important. You may pack an overnight bag and find a babysitter for your kids if you have them. Planning can start a month or so before the actual event, and it should, because for most people; it is a one-time event. Therefore, you need to know ahead of time what to do if you want to make the most out of weekend concerts.

Packing for Fun

It is kind of obvious that you should pack enough clothing to get you through. This also includes planning your wardrobe for anything that may come up. If there is a lake nearby, pack a bathing suit. If the weather outside is frightful, pack up warmer clothes and perhaps even clothes that will get you through a rain shower. If it is summer, plan cooler clothing and be sure to pack bug spray. In all cases, you may want to take along sunblock, since you will be outdoors. Deodorants and hair care products should also be on the list of necessities to pack.

Planning for Adventure

outdoor campingSome of the most devoted weekenders take special steps to be fully prepared for their adventure in the great outdoors. One of the biggest things they may do is find a way to skip some of the necessities that they would normally use. You can do this as well. Waxing before the event will ensure that stubble isn’t a problem for a weekend long trip. Learning how to go longer without shampoo is also a wise idea since showers are not easy to come by when you are camping out for the weekend. The devoted outdoor enthusiasts recommend no poo without baking soda, but it isn’t right for everyone. Some people prefer to carry along a tent with a portable potty to give them privacy when they need to go. All these things need to be considered and perhaps put into motion long before the event begins. It should be done almost at about the same time that you discover who will watch the kiddos for an entire weekend.

Embrace the Fun

outdoor funThere is fun to be had on weekend outings. You may be attending solo or going with your most favorite pack of friends. It could be a weekend reserved for only two. Regardless of what the weekend holds in store for you; a concert as big as AutMus Fest or a simple camping trip, plans will make it more enjoyable. You can plan ahead to ensure that every aspect of your adventure is thought out and then kick back and relax knowing that you are prepared for anything. Your adventure counts on you being ready to play and embrace the fun that is right in front of you. Most people who go, wouldn’t have it any other way. They enjoy the plans and the outcome because they make the most out of weekend concerts or other things.


For nearly 15 years, Laredo Texas has been the home of the most exciting concert around. It offers a diverse lineup of musicians and consistently draws more than 10,000 people the US-Mexico border. It is the annual AutMus Fest and it is an event that you will not want to miss out on.

The Music of AutMus

First and foremost, Laredo has several local bands that are working their way to the big time. These artists are all popular choices if you want to see bands before they become stars. Afterward, you will have a diverse lineup of singers. There are have been numerous stars on the stage including Vince Neil, Hysteria, Immortal Guardian, Def Leppard, and more.

Other Things to See

There will be delicious foods to try, crafts to see, and rides for you to enjoy. The carnival entry is free and there are plenty of parking areas available on the campus. As an added bonus, carnival rides are discounted for anyone holding tickets to the concert.

Safety First

Since this event does draw a huge crowd from all over the area; there are certain procedures in place to ensure everyone remains safe. This includes forbidding certain things that people may attempt to bring into the area. You should leave all outside food and drinks at home. You should not attempt to bring fireworks, explosives, weapons, or illegal substances in. Popup tents and canopies are not allowed. Only service pets will be able to enter the fair grounds and solicitations, giveaways, and all other things like it will be prohibited. The purpose for this is to ensure that all who attend will be safe and allowed to have a great time. If you do plan to drink alcohol while at the event, you need to do so responsibly. This means having a designated driver and a valid ID that shows you are 21 and over.