For nearly 15 years, Laredo Texas has been the home of the most exciting concert around. It offers a diverse lineup of musicians and consistently draws more than 10,000 people the US-Mexico border. It is the annual AutMus Fest and it is an event that you will not want to miss out on.

The Music of AutMus

First and foremost, Laredo has several local bands that are working their way to the big time. These artists are all popular choices if you want to see bands before they become stars. Afterward, you will have a diverse lineup of singers. There are have been numerous stars on the stage including Vince Neil, Hysteria, Immortal Guardian, Def Leppard, and more.

Other Things to See

There will be delicious foods to try, crafts to see, and rides for you to enjoy. The carnival entry is free and there are plenty of parking areas available on the campus. As an added bonus, carnival rides are discounted for anyone holding tickets to the concert.

Safety First

Since this event does draw a huge crowd from all over the area; there are certain procedures in place to ensure everyone remains safe. This includes forbidding certain things that people may attempt to bring into the area. You should leave all outside food and drinks at home. You should not attempt to bring fireworks, explosives, weapons, or illegal substances in. Popup tents and canopies are not allowed. Only service pets will be able to enter the fair grounds and solicitations, giveaways, and all other things like it will be prohibited. The purpose for this is to ensure that all who attend will be safe and allowed to have a great time. If you do plan to drink alcohol while at the event, you need to do so responsibly. This means having a designated driver and a valid ID that shows you are 21 and over.